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Deconstructing Oppressive Institutional Systems

Deconstructing Oppressive Institutional Systems

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    Half-Day Course (3.5 Hours In Length)

    Each session includes a complimentary 30-minute pre-course consultation to tailor the learning to your organization’s goals and culture.

    Participants will complete an anonymous course evaluation following the session.   

    Pre-coursework may be assigned. 


    • Reveal the sometimes hidden elements of oppression that lead to racist outcomes.


    • This course is a deep immersion into an oppressive system where learners will consider strategies and methods to deconstruct the system, and subsequently create an equitable, inclusive alternative.


    • At the end of this course, learners will be able to identify oppressive forces; 
    • Learners will gain tools and insights to address systemic oppression;
    • Learners will develop language to foster positive collaboration.
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