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How does a purchase work?

Simply add a Course(s) or Program to your cart, select your preferred time to meet for our 30 minute exploratory needs assessment discussion, and then pay with your preferred method. You will receive an email invitation with our virtual meeting login details within 24 hours.

During our initial call, we'll schedule your learning session. Then your team will be on their way to building belonging!

What is the duration of each course?

Each course is 3.5 hours in length (approximately half-day long). There is an initial consultation of 30-minutes included in every Course. This is where we meet and discuss your goals and identify a date and time for the course(s).

What is the suggested class size?

It depends. We're happy to have this discussion. To ensure there's an opportunity for engaging discussions, it is suggested a minimum of 10 participants. With engagement in mind, it is also suggested to keep each class size to a maximum of 30.

How are Courses different from Programs?

We currently offer six Courses. the Courses are designed as stand alone learning experiences.

If your organization chooses to build its own Program, we create "learning bridges" to ensure an interconnected and seamless experience.

Our Program includes all six Courses, plus a bonus culminating Workshop. The Program is designed to maximize staff engagement and connection to your organization’s DEI objectives to your overarching strategic plan.

Can we build our own Program?

Absolutely! If you're looking to book multiple Courses, simply add your choices to your cart and we'll ensure the modules are threaded together to suit your goals. It is recommended that you allow 30 days between Courses.

Besides tax, are there additional fees?

We believe in transparency. The prices are clearly listed for each Course and Program.

If your organization would like the Course or Program delivered in-person, there will be additional travel, accommodation and facility costs. This is a collaborative and transparent process and those fees would be shared in advance.

What is the 30 minute pre-course consultation?

This is an exploratory needs assessment discussion. We want to know all about your team, your organization and most importantly, your specific goals.

We'll also schedule the date for your learning session during this meeting.