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Building Belonging – Creating an Inclusive Organization

Building Belonging – Creating an Inclusive Organization

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This comprehensive Program includes all six Building Belonging Courses plus a bonus culminating Workshop. Each of the 7 sessions is 3.5 hours in length. It is suggested to allow ~30 days between modules. 

The Program includes three complimentary 60-minute consultations. The initial consultation focuses on tailoring the learning to your organization’s goals and culture. The second consultation is a mid-point check-in discussion and a review of your current strategic plan. Participants will complete a comprehensive, anonymous culminating evaluation. The final consultation is a “next steps” planning discussion based on the results of the culminating evaluations. 

Participants will complete an anonymous course evaluation following each session.   

Pre-coursework may be assigned.


  • Universal staff engagement and connection to your organization’s DEI objectives


  • This 7-part course includes 6 courses and culminates in a half-day workshop.
  • The workshop will include facilitated discussions and applied exercises allowing for full participation.


  • At the end of the Program, learners will understand the various manifestations of racism;
  • Learners will understand the history of racism; 
  • Learners will understand the systemic effects of various forms of racism;
  • Learners will understand the science of bias; 
  • Learners will practice tools for leading through a growth mindset with an open mind, heart, and will;
  • Learners will improve their ability to identify bias in systems;
  • Learners will have designed a personal action plan for a “radical reorientation of our consciousness”;
  • Learners will understand the difference between non-racist and anti-racist responses;
  • Learners will gain skills and build confidence in effective allyship and activism.
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