About Building Belonging

Inspired by lived experiences, Nicole Virgin has created diverse and adaptable programs to connect with participants across every sector. Our goal is to ensure the experience is meaningful to learners at all levels.

Nicole has formally studied various forms of oppression in order to see the systemic connections which manifest across society. From legal, educational, social, economic, and political systems - to the world of fine arts, we have experience unveiling where oppression lives and hides. Regardless of where you are at on the journey, Building Belonging Canada can help you and your team identify the best levers to pull to make the most positive social impact.

  • Mission

    We serve authentically, in abundance, as an organization pushing positive social change.

  • Values

    We connect the souls of individuals and organizations with the principles of Anti-Black Racism, Equity, and Inclusion in order to build a deep and lasting sense of belonging in the spaces we serve.

  • Vision

    We access talent, we leverage and absorb new knowledge to create and deliver impactful learning experiences.

Our Approach

Building Belonging Canada is situated on Anishinaabe territory and follows the seven principles of learning love, respect, bravery, truth, honesty, humility, and wisdom. In keeping with our ancestral traditions, and accessing Indigenous Ways of Knowing and Being, we use storytelling as often as possible to support learning. We create spaces where every individual can bring their authentic selves. Our learning spaces can sometimes be uncomfortable and that's how we know we are all growing and learning.  

In our corporate partnerships, we take a systematic approach to the needs assessment process and a human centered design approach to identify opportunities for advancement. The systems thinking models we lean on to design learning solutions are rooted in Peter Senge and Otto Scharmer’s teachings. We’ve found that when combined, these two methods provide a holistic and human design thinking foundation for organizational change…especially in shifting culture.

  • Who We Are

    Nicole Virgin’s lived experience as a light-skinned 5th-Generation female African Canadian has given her a window into the multifaceted and complex world of power and oppression. She has anonymously navigated “white spaces” seeing, hearing, and feeling the attitudes and values many people carry. Growing up with siblings and cousins in a rainbow of complexions she has witnessed the inconsistencies in treatment across cultures. The more she learned about power, the more glaring the discrepancies became regarding how power is distributed and applied. As a little girl, this dualistic view of the world lit a fire inside her and it has burned throughout her entire life.

  • In Partnership with Cabinda Consulting

    Through immersive storytelling, Cabinda Consulting honors Black history and achievement. Reflective learning and content resonates with learners on a deep level. We embed the history, culture and accomplishments of Black Canadians into Ontario's everyday curricula through experiential learning. We guide participants as they examine challenging topics safely, emerging from the programs with a better understanding of how to build belonging within their organizations and beyond.